E Liquid And Nicotine

What are E-juices?
Vaping uses Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) based E-juice that are mixed in different ratios with a wide range of different food grade or organic flavoring, Ejuice can also be mixed with Nicotine if desired.
PG produces a small amount of vapor with a dry "throat hit" but carries flavour very well, while the VG provides much more vapor and produces a smooth slightly sweet vapor with no real "throat hit" while slightly muting flavours. Our flavours here at puff vaping are available in 50/50 for low resistance atomizer and 70/30 Max VG for sub ohm atomizer, in the future we will be producing more specially e juices to suit the need of people looking for higher or lower PG/VG ratios and organic flavours.
What are Single, Doubler and Tripler and concentrates?
Single is a term used for Ejuice ready to vape which come in sizes 10ml or 30ml
Doubler is a term used for Ejuice double the strength of a singular and is mixed down 50/50 with your nicotine halving the strength of the flavoured Ejuice and nicotine. available in 5mls which makes 10mls or 15mls which makes 30mls.
Tripler is a term used for Ejuice triple the strength of a singular and is mixed down in thirds with nicotine and more PG/VG this option will be available soon.
Concentrates are the flavours used to make Ejuice used in ratios from 5 - 40 percent, every flavour has it's own sweet spot, use our concentrates to mix and blend your own favorite combo available soon.
Puff vaping does not supply or sell nicotine in any of it's products or in any form. we recommended that you research the use of nicotine and the safety precautions need to handle nicotine safely. we recommend that if you use nicotine, to use gloves and use personal protective clothing. We also recommend the use of syringes for all measuring and an Ejuice calculator to ensure you make the Ejuice you think you are creating. Recommended nicotine levels vary a lot from 1mg to 24mg or higher, safety is the key here, start low and work up from there to find where you are supported this way you will never vape Ejuice that is too strong. Remember nicotine is a poison and needs to be kept out of reach of children whether its in a atomizer or in bottle it can be dangerous.
Where can i buy Nicotine?
Puff vaping dose not supply nicotine in any form as the laws here in Australia do not allow the import and resale of nicotine. In most states you can import nicotine for personal use but no more than 3 months supply, we recommend if you are going to source nicotine you do so only after researching suppliers and there reputation.