What are E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizer

What are E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizer?

An Electronic Cigarette or E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizer are a handheld electronic device that vaporizes E Liquid which the user inhales, Using an E-cigarette if often known as Vaping.


How Do E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizers Work?

An Electronic Cigarette is a battery-powered vaporizer that simulates smoking but without burning tobacco. An E-Cigarette typically works by the battery firing and heating the internal Atomizer Coil. Within the atomizer coil there is a coil of wire that forms the heating coil it has cotton wrapped around it or through the centre depending on the style of tank you are using, this allows the e juice to flow over and around the heating coil, as the coil heats up it atomizes / vaporises the e liquid. Personal Vaporizers and E Cigarette come in a wide variety of shapes and styles and the majority follow the same process.


How old do you have to be to buy a Vaporizer?

In Australia, you must be 18 years or older to buy an Electronic Cigarette or Personal Vaporizer.


Where Can I Buy an E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizer?

E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizers are available at vape shop or online through websites like Puff Vaping, We recommend that before you make a purchase that you do a bit of research into the type of E-Cigarette / Personal Vaporizer you want to ensure you get the product you are looking for. Known Electronic Cigarette brands such as Aspire, Kangertech, Smok and Eleaf put Authenticity / Security Codes on their products to ensure that every customer gets a safe and genuine product.


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